Dhamma Weekly ( 6 August 2014 )


Dhamma  Weekly ( 6 August 2014 )


How To Get Peace of Mind


Many  people come to monastary for different  reasons. Most come to obtain PEACE, curiosity,to studly religious in dept, interesting in meditation, etc.

In order to get good result of practice ( training mind ) which we call Vipassana.

One has to put  luxurious life,s style be hide; electronic devices,cell phone, I pad,and more

Understanding rules , regulations, the precepts and has to complied strictfullly.

After one join in the program of 10-16-26 days. They  are reporting time. He or She has to see Ajarn ( Teacher ) for assignment  of time how many hours per days to practice

During reporting time , common questions being asked.

Ajarn ( listener –Pkiku-Pkikuni

-How are you today ?

-How many hours have you practice last night? Hours of walking, sitting,

-How do you feel?

-Anything do you want to tell or discussion?


He/She will response , depend on   1. Ages; 2 Gender; 3  original countries; 4 How much interesting; 5 How much time;6 Education; and so on.

Keep in mind that We come to WAT to practice  to study to change  our mind to be better person.

Lord Buddha gave us five purposes for insight Meditation.

1 .to purify the mind

2, to get rid of physical and mental suffuring

3, to understand the truth of life

4, to gain NIbbana

The most important thing one has to remember that The four foundation of mindfulness are

The heart of Buddha,s teaching in Vipassana.

Will discussion of the “ HOW”  to do mindfulness later.


สำนักปฏิบัติธรรมประจำจังหวัด เชียงใหม่ แห่งที่ 2




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