The customary offering for the opening ceremony:

* Eleven white lotus flowers (or other white flower).

* Eleven yellow or orange candles.

* Eleven incense sticks.

In addition :

* Your Valid passport and Visa.

* Two passport photos.

*One photocopy of the photo, signature and visa pages of your valid passport.

*A working alarm clock or timer. You must be able to set it to increment of five minutes.

* At least two sets of white clothing .

For men : Loose, modest, non-transparent white trousers and a shirt. White underwear is a must.

For women : Loose, modest, non-transparent white sarong or trousers, a loose white shirt with sleeves and a white “SA-Bai” (a white scarf, which is worn over the breast and around the shoulder) . white underwear (inc .bra) is must

* Personal items (soap , shampoo, toothpaste , towel , sandals,etc.) some essentials are available at the Temple Shop.



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