Dhamma Weekly ( 15 August 2014 )

Dhamma  Weekly ( 15 August 2014 )

In the afternoon that day

 June 22nd 2014 I was alone at The Wat Ram Poeng’s   foreign  office  in  Chiang Mai   With  my sincerely  attention to learn Vipassana ( Meditation ). I have so much heard about  . It should’ve  something good to change pattern of life. Why don’t  I  take  a chance as  I have got  1  month time .

My  friend  who live near  by this   Monastery, said   Wat Ram Poeng is the most famous  one  in the northern part of Thailand. Not enough she was continued to vow. Many  meditators  come from all over the world.  Ha?  Should   be a good place?

I  Looked   around ,  looking   from the front door to  the  back door  for  some  one to talk to.

At the end  of  a dead road  I   found a young Monk who  was sitting alone in the room. The sign   hang on the entrance door said “ Foreign Office ” I decided immediately to walk toward him.

May I help you?  He said.

Please , Sir I would like to attend the Meditation Class.

How many days do you want to be with them?

I have one month ,Sir

Good, here is the key to your room#28 on the 2nd floor. This section is for female only. No visitor allowed. He  kept on talking  to me.

Inside  that room, There are  blanket,  cover sheet ; for the plastic mattresses , a plastic  pillow,   you can help your self, take one of each. You must clean your room before and after leaving. Sweep the ground around the building in the morning and afternoon. The cleaning equipments are on  so there.

I made  Two trips from the foreign office to my assigned room  in order to get things settle down that evening.

The narrow alley I walked toward my building  was so beautiful, quiet . There were big trees  with green leaves ,also I saw Buddha images  stood on both sides. Those trees  give huge shadow to all area. The weather was  cool. The wind  was calm.

I saw Yokis, some were  walking slowly paying  attend on their feet steps, some were  sitting still , eyes closed, hands fold on lap. No one talked  or chat, each one of them looked  so  relax with  peacefully faces that I noticed.

The alley  were  so cleaned  I didn’t  a single leave  on the ground. The  little   Kuti  ( a hut, may be call cottage ) was also cleaned. Well !!!!!! surprisingly quiet, no car, no noise, fresh air.  I wondered who started this  suitable special place. I was so thank full for that original idea. Who was the one  who managed now?   Such a huge area and How. From  where the  money come from? Yokis have  free foods 2  meals a  day ,free lodging ( guest house style) Meditators can share expenses at they  please when  leaving .

Feel free to come and visit us what is  Vipassana? What good about it?.

สำนักปฏิบัติธรรมประจำจังหวัด เชียงใหม่ แห่งที่ 2  https://twitter.com/WatRamPoeng


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